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Hi, I’m Jordan Schwartz. I have been in the Tattoo industry since 2005. I was born & raised in the Midwest & began my career in Bowling Green, Ohio; living & working near the campus of Bowling Green State University. I attended Owens College studying art. In 2009 I moved to Austin, Texas to expand my portfolio & gain a greater knowledge of the tattooing world by working with not only Tattoo Artists, but Illustrators & Artists in a number of different media. During my career I have traveled to a number of major cities & observed well known Tattoo Artists & their techniques. In 2013 I moved to Boulder Colorado were I spent my time tattooing on the famous Pearl St., but after a year I realized the Rockies wasn’t the place for me. So I came back to the city I love the most, excited & ready to spread my art all over this city.

Instagram: @mrjstattoos

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