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Leave your bandage on for at least 20 minutes but NO longer than 2 hours.

As soon as you remove the bandage begin washing your tattoo with your fingertips and the soap we give you.

Soap and rinse your tattoo several times in a row, then pat dry with a paper towel.

Only use a paper towel to dry, and your fingertips to wash your tattoo. NO washcloths, loofas, you get the idea.

After you have dried your tattoo put a SMALL amount of the healing balm we give you and you are good to go.


Repeat this procedure AT least 4 times a day and preferably every two hours for two days and then you are DONE.

After two days DO NOT wash, lotion, creme, or put anything on your tattoo, it may be scabby, it will be itchy, that is OK! MOM SEZ," LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!"

Showering is good... NO soaking baths, hot tubs, swimming, jello wrestling, cat fighting. NO tanning, sunburns, shaving over the tattoo, tight rubby clothes, etc.

If you have ANY questions (except math) call us, we will be happy to help you! 

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